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Black Like Me

Black Like Me

My favorite cartoon Is family guy. I like family guy because its funny. When something can make me laugh, Ill keep coming back for more. April 16,2013 Bell Ringer: What is your favorite SEASON? Why? My favorite season is summer. I like summer because I can do some tot my favorite things such as swimming, going to hurricane harbor and many more. I also like summer because my birthday Is in the summer. April 17,2013 Boys Town Greeting Others: 1 Look at the person. 2. Use a pleasant voice. Say “What’s up” or “Howdy”. What happens when you greet a person first? A person will have a warm feel about you and will feel like its easier to talk to you. April 18,2013 : What would you do If you only had 48 hours to live? I would do all the things that I want to do In my life (good and bad) those last few days. I also would pray all day. April 1 9,2013 My favorite restaurant is because . . My favorite restaurant is Red Lobster. I love seafood . My favorite form of seafood is crab legs. I love them so much. April 22,2013

What Is Earth Day? Earth day of course, is a day about earth. It celebrates the value of the earth it also encourages recycling and natural resources. April 23,2013 What is something you do well? I do well at hurdles. I may not be the best,but Im pretty darn good at It. April 24,2013 Tell of a time during this school year where you disagreed appropriately. I disagreed with what a girl said and I waited until she got done talking and explained why I thought differently. April 25,2013 Write about something that bothered you this week.

All the unnecessary drama got In my nerves. I don’t understand why people let certain things get to them. Some stuff people should Just ignore. April 26,2013 Happy Arbor Day!! What is Arbor Day and how is it celebrated? In the mid asses,J. Sterling Morton arrived at what was then the Nebraska territories. He quickly became active in civic affairs, and championed a holiday for planting trees – which the parable did not have a lot of at the time. Morton was on to something. Arbor Day is celebrated today In all 50 states and around the world.

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