ENG236 TEST#1 – Romanticism (Wordsworth and Coleridge Poems)

ENG236 TEST#1 – Romanticism (Wordsworth and Coleridge Poems)

How many key points of romanticism are there?
What are the five key points of romanticism?
Thinking is interesting
Its about me
Emotion is good
Ordinary folks and everyday language
Who were the two poets we focused on in this unit?
William Wordsworth
Samuel Coleridge
What was the most important historical event that influenced these poets?
French Revolution
Romanticism marks the beginning of the _________ revolution.
True or False: “Lyrics are considered a great form of art.”
False: Lyrics are considered a lowly form of art
What was the name of Samuel Coleridge’s sister?
How old were William Wordsworth, Samuel Coleridge, and Dorothy?
Mid-Late 20’s
How many poems did Wordsworth and Coleridge write?
What was the title of the book Wordsworth and Coleridge wrote?
Lyrical Ballads
Where was Lyrical Ballads published?
What poem is about a British woman who narrates the changes in her rural life during the switch to urbanization and industrialization?
The Female Vagrant
Who is narrating The Female Vagrant?
Wordsworth is telling the story the woman told him
Which poet takes ordinary things and makes them extraordinary?
Which poet takes extraordinary things and makes them ordinary?
What poem asks you explicitly to “think about the poem”?
Goody Blake and Harry Gill
This summary is about what poem?

“Goody Blake is cold from the winter and takes garbage wood from rich Harry Gill. When he attacks her for stealing from him, she ‘curses’ him so that he can never be warm again.”

Goody Blake, and Harry Gill
True or False: “Goody Blake and Harry Gill is known as a psychosomatic poem.”
What poem is based off a true story?
Goody Blake, and Harry Gill
In which poem does the poet interrupt the story and tell the reader that they are not going to tell you the meaning?
Simon Lee, The Old Huntsman
What poem has the following summary:

“Child says she has seven siblings including her. The man has a different point of view, says they’re only five because two are dead, but she sees them as still there. Shows the beauty of innocence- not knowing the badness of death.”

We Are Seven
Which poem is not being told by the author?
The Thorn
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