The Expository Paragraph Features

The Expository Paragraph Features

Tips for writing a expository paragraph:

It is not a secret that students are faced with a wide range of academic assignments. Each task has a different goal, one task teaches students to write, and others develop analytical thinking in the student. Either way, each task is not very easy and for its implementation, the student should have a clear understanding of what is required of him. Write an expository paragraph is a common task with which every student’s face. If you need to complete such a task, but you do not know how then you are in the right place!

Let’s Consider What Is an Expository Paragraph

In order to properly perform the assignment, you need to start with a clear concept of the expository paragraph definition. So, expository paragraphs are information about various events except for subjective opinions. Such information should scatter events and not convince the reader.

In other words, you give an explanation, an indication or shows how this or that phenomenon occurs. You should write in that way to help your audience follow the main idea in each your sentence.

Are You Interested in How to Write an Expository Paragraph?

First of all, you need to choose a topic that needs to be divided into categories. Identify the purpose of their work (the key will be the exchange of information). Also, do not forget to establish who your target audience is.

This paragraph, like any other, is organized around three parts. The subject suggestion allows the reader to understand what you are writing about. The middle part of the paragraph contains auxiliary sentences, which follow one another in a logical sequence of steps. The final sentence closes your subject with an emphasis on the final subject or process that is required for this topic.

It is very important to remember that all your paragraphs should contain a thematic proposal. This is very important in the explanatory paragraph because it is here the main idea of ​​this paragraph should be expressed. With this suggestion, your readers will find out what will be discussed in the rest of the paragraph. This topic sentence allows the reader to find out what the rest of your paragraph will discuss.

Here you can find expository paragraph topics

In order to interest your readers, you should be interested in your essay too. That is why choosing the right topic is very significant. Choose the topic that the most captures you and more close to you. Here are some expository paragraph topics that will be useful for you:

  1. Explain, why is it important for mankind to continue the exploration of the space?
  2. Tell about the dangers of smoking on the human body.
  3. Tell about new products in the treatment of cancer.
  4. Current causes of environmental pollution.
  5. The importance of education.
  6. The effect of drugs on the human body.
  7. Alternative energy sources.
  8. Why is it necessary to use solar energy?
  9. The contribution of IT technologies to human life.
  10. The results of recent studies of the human brain.

Where can you find expository paragraph examples?

You can find a lot of expository paragraph examples on the Internet.  They can serve as an example for you to write your own essay. Remember that you should not copy someone’s material, rely on examples and write your own, unique works. Here we offer you a briefly skeleton-example so that you catch the essence of the expository paragraph.

“About ten years ago, a mobile phone could not be afforded by many people as well as the Internet. However, progress does not stand still but is actively developing. Nowadays, almost every person can afford a mobile phone.

Today, mobile phones can do much more than just make a call and receive calls. Mobile phones began to be equipped with cameras, computers, watches, and even the books. Many mobile phones come with cameras, which at times better than common cameras. All mobile phones have calculators for solving simple math problems and fun games if you are bored. You can note everything you wish and exchange information fast. Moreover, with the different applications, the connection became free.

The functions of the mobile phone are constantly supplemented. It is difficult to imagine what else they can give us from what we need in the future.”

As you can see, you do not need to conduct research to complete this task. For successful writing, you need to choose a topic which is close to you. This will guarantee that your readers will remember you and you will get a high grade.

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