Field Experience Paper

Field Experience Paper

During the months of September and October this semester I spent time at two different schools in four different classrooms. Being able to observe deferent classes and teachers at Wayside Junior High and South Live Oak Elementary was a very new and exciting experience for me since I can’t say Vive always wanted to be a teacher. My experiences at these schools gave me a better Insight into the differences between schools, classrooms, and teachers.

The purpose of this field experience was o get 10 observation or tutoring hours in an elementary or junior high setting. I chose to observe a few different classrooms instead of tutoring students. When I flirts entered these schools I was hesitant of how I would fit into the world of education as a teacher. What would the teachers think of me? Could they see me as an up and coming teacher? After my different observations were finished I decided I could be a great teacher. I was able to learn many different things in these classrooms that I hope will be useful to me when I start my teaching career.

I saw myself In one of the searchers, and I know the way she constructed her class would be the way I would want to construct my class. I also felt that she exuded the same type of personality as me. While in the classes I felt extremely comfortable being around the students and answering questions when they asked me. While being a teacher it is crucial to feel at ease in your work environment because If you don’t it will be almost unfeasible to when need be was a great experience for me. Almost all of the classroom environments I observed were inconsistent mainly because of the ways the students acted.

When the students were well behaved and listened to the teacher it was a positive and beneficial environment. On the other hand, when the students weren’t well behaved and didn’t listen to their teacher it was the exact opposite. In all but one of the classrooms the students desks were lined up in straight rows to prevent them from talking too much while the instructor was teaching. In each of the different classrooms the teachers set up the classroom environment certain ways to give each student the best possible chance they had to be successful. Wayside Junior High was the first school I observed at.

I was planning on observing three days at this school but ended up only observing one day there due to unforeseen circumstances. The first day, the office was crowded with people. A student was apparently having a seizure, and everyone in the office was in panic mode. I felt as if I was in the way. When all got calmed down I was escorted to the three different classes I was to observe that day. The rest of the day went well. I walked into the school the second day I was to observe, and unfortunately, there was no electricity. So, needless to say, I came back home.

I decided not to even try observing a third day t Wayside since both of the other times there were problems which interfered with my schedule. I know the problems were unexpected, but I didn’t want to take another chance of showing up and not being able to observe my classes. The second school I observed at was South Live Oak Elementary. I observed three days here. This school was extremely well organized, and the office was very inviting and helpful. The hallways were nice and clean and were mostly decorated with students’ artwork. Since it’s a large school, I almost got lost in the halls the first day I was there.

When I eased teachers in the hallway they were nice enough to talk to me. Overall, this school came across as having an incredibly friendly atmosphere, and I could tell it catered to helping its students succeed. At each school the teachers I observed were vastly different as far as their teaching styles and class compositions go. At Wayside Junior High I observed three different teachers. Mr.. Wrap was the first teacher and the only male teacher I observed. The class was a 7th grade Social Studies academy class. Throughout the observation I noticed he really cares about his students.

He kook his time going over the topic of discussion, and when some of the students couldn’t catch on he stopped to help the individuals. His class was very well behaved. The only time I really noticed any of the students socializing were when Mr.. Wrap put them in groups to complete a study guide. The second teacher I observed was 6th grade teacher Mrs.. Dunn. She was teaching English to her students. She went over verb phrases and helping verbs throughout the class. I noticed whenever she asked questions quite a few of the students participated by answering. Mrs..

Dunn had a positive attitude throughout the class period. I felt she truly enjoyed all her students and treated them the same. Even when some of the students didn’t answer questions correctly she didn’t make them feel dumb. She would Just tell them good try. I could tell her students really liked her as a teacher also. The last teacher I observed at Wayside Junior High was 7th grade Science teacher Mrs.. Dugan. This lady came off as a very strict teacher compared to the other two I had observed. Her students were them. At the beginning of class the students had a bell ringer to complete.

On the particular day I went the bell ringer was about the ecosystem, which is what Mrs.. Degas’s lesson was on. There was one boy who couldn’t quite grasp the concept of the ecosystem. Mrs.. Dugan had to explain to him, a few times, exactly how it works. It seemed that the more questions the students asked the more annoyed she got when having to answer them. Towards the end of class she gave them a project. The project was to create their own ecosystem and color it. When I finished observing all these teachers and classrooms, I realized that the majority of students in the classes were white.

There were maybe one to three black students in each class. I thought his was really interesting because when I was younger I had more students of differences races in my classes. At South Live Oak Elementary I only observed 5th grade teacher Mrs.. Affrication. She taught English and Math, and I observed her for three days. Mrs.. Affrication is the epitome of what a great teacher should be like. She has a great sense of humor, and I could tell she truly enjoys teaching. Her class wasn’t the quietest class I’d observed, but I noticed most of the students took part in the class discussions and completing the class work.

I thought it was neat that for ACH day of the week she had a board with the class objectives. This lets the students know what they will be learning every day. The first day I walked into her classroom the students were working on correcting sentences on the board. After they finished correcting the sentences they took a cumulative test on sentence grammar. Then, for the rest of the class, they got with a partner and worked on adding and subtracting decimals. The second day I walked into Mrs.. Fornication’s classroom she was going over spelling words for the upcoming week, and then she made the students define each word.

Also, since the students were learning about the different types of point of view, about halfway through the class she read a poem to them, and the students had to guess whose point of view it was from. Since it was close to Halloween she got the class to create their own poem from the point of view of a witch’s broom, and then the students got to present them. I loved hearing the students read their poems; some of them were really interesting and funny. My last day observing her classroom was a little chaotic. The students had a book fair to go to. So, for most of the class time, they were at the book fair.

When they returned to class Mrs.. Affrication had them work on a spelling project until the bell rang. Throughout my observations I realized there was only one black student in her class. He was very quiet and liked to keep to himself. I don’t know if it was maybe because he felt like the minority or if he Just has a quiet personality. Unfortunately, Mrs.. Fornication’s last day teaching at South Live Oak Elementary was the last day I went to observe her class. The school couldn’t have put me observing a better teacher than her. I was glad to have the chance to meet her and see how remarkable of a teacher she is.

I really want to be a teacher like her when I start my teaching career. While I was in these classrooms, I became aware of new aspects of the teaching career. Before this field experience, I did not realize that teachers have so many responsibilities. Vive always thought of the teacher as the classroom monitor, but I soon realized that was not the case. There is so much more to this profession than Just being the classroom monitor. A teacher is held accountable for making sure all his/her students are standard guidelines. Also, creating lesson plans is a must.

A lot of planning goes into ACH lesson so that all the requirements are met. They must include appropriate activities in their lesson plans to improve in student learning. Teachers are also the mentors for many of their students. At the elementary age, students might need a lot of help and guidance since they are pretty much Just starting their schooling. During the middle school years, students may feel very alone and stressed since they are going through many changes, whether it is physical, emotional or social changes. High school years are the time students could use the most guidance.

High school is he time to start thinking about what you will do for the rest of your life. Having a teacher to help guide you along the right path will most likely benefit you in the future. They can help you with career explorations and setting goals. Many students just need a positive role model in their life because they may not have one at home. I know that becoming a teacher isn’t as easy as it may seem; there are many obstacles that a person may go through before becoming one. One big obstacle I know I will face in my process of becoming a teacher is creating fun, enjoyable lesson Lana for my students.

I’m not a really creative person as I’d like to think myself to be. Not all lesson plans go the way you want them to, and some last longer than you expected. I know I will have to put a lot of time and effort in when creating teaching lessons for my students. I will have to dig deep down and find that creative side in me. Another obstacle I think I will face is being able to control my classroom. Vive been told I tend to be too polite and sometimes a push-over. I know I will have a different group of students each year, and not every group will be the “good” class.

I’m going to need to become a tougher person if I want to be able to take control of my class without letting my students walk all over me. Although, I know if I work hard and am dedicated I will be successful in helping students learn and grow in my classroom. The two schools I visited this semester really gave me the opportunity to explore the differences between culture and teaching styles around me. Since I observed both an elementary school and a Junior high school it helped me to decide whether I should major in elementary education or secondary education, and I think elementary education is where I belong.

I felt as though my observational experience was a reasonable insight into the differences of education within the United States and gives us all some things to reflect about before we start our professions. After all of the observations I feel more excited and motivated to teach than ever. I was lucky enough to have extraordinary teachers who shared their classrooms with me and taught me different styles of teaching. Overall, my field experience at these two schools was a very positive one. Each of these four teachers was very open to letting me observe their classrooms.

After observing these different classrooms and teachers, I feel an increasing passion to teach that I definitely didn’t have before. I have obtained more knowledge of the roles and responsibilities that I will take on when I become a teacher. I have learned many different types of teaching mechanisms throughout my observation. Whether it is how to run and control a classroom or how to set up a positive classroom environment, I now know a lot more than I did. Someday when I do reach my goal of becoming a teacher I hope to be able to use some of the things I have learned from this experience to create a thriving

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