Idea Generation

Idea Generation

The whole idea of developing a new product was inspired by some of the group members who were very enthusiastic about innovation. The focus driven members of the group were highly obliged when the group settled at the mere idea of developing a lifestyle product which would help many people to grow healthy and strong In these adulterated and metaphoric conditions.

Keeping in mind the fast and ever moving lives of most of the corporate and also the other SEEM employees we have come to a conclusion that a product should be made that can at least help the asses employed with their busy lives to have a decent and needing diet. After ample brainstorming there was a motion of broadening the market for the product to not only as a lifestyle product but also a medical revolution.

The process of Idea generation started by having a pool of problems listed down that mankind Is or would be facing In the very real and practical world. The list of problems was restricted to the simple health, Insurance, goods, climate, etc. After all the possible problems we could think of was noted down, a thought was given on how to solve Hess problems and what products could help in mending these shortcomings.

This Product was initiated by just a mere joke on the fat burning bands that are promoted on various TV channels at nights, keeping the basic shape of that of the butterfly fat burning band’s like products we have developed a product that would help the host to know the deficiencies and a state of excessive levels of nutrients in the body of the bearer. The whole idea of this product was that if not the adequate, one could Just consume the required diet for the go.

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