Literary Elements of R and J

Literary Elements of R and J

The Importance of Foreshadowing of literary elements to enhance his writing. Often time’s literary devices are used to give emotion to a story and It really shows In Shakespearean work. A literary element used most frequently, has the greatest importance and is most effective in Act II is foreshadowing. This element is used to give the reader hints of what to expect in the rest of the story; furthermore, foreshadowing makes the reader dig a little deeper to think of what will happen next.

Foreshadowing adds suspense to stories and is very effective in doing so. It makes the reader wonder and want to read more in order to find out what will happen. For example, in act II Shakespeare makes it clear that Romeo and Gullet’s marriage will not end well. Being that Romeo and Gullet’s families are enemies the reader can assume that a marriage of the two will not have a great effect on their relationship. Additionally, being that both Romeo and Gullet’s families are on the same, wealthy social classes their feud can cause the inure city of Verona to go against each other.

Romeo discusses with the priest, Friar Laurence, for his permission to marry Juliet, he says: “These violent delights have violent ends/ And in their triumph die, like fire and powder” (2. 6. 9-10). Shakespeare has nothing to hide when using the element of foreshadowing and uses it very effectively. He plainly tells the readers that this will not have a pretty ending and will terminate violently. This gives the story a lot of tension and anticipates the reader.

It may also make a reader more interested in the writing and even change their entire mind set on the story Itself. Occasionally, foreshadowing is hard to detect and can give away a large portion of the story. In contrast, foreshadowing can be so obvious and can make it much easier for the reader to understand what is happening If they know what will happen. Shakespeare uses foreshadowing In both ways. For example, the readers are told In the prologue that Romeo and Juliet are star-crossed lovers that take their own lives.

When reading this quickly a reader may not catch on to the fact that Romeo and Juliet will have a relationship that will be effected by outside forces, which later on, make them kill themselves. When knowing this fact a reader can have a less strenuous time understanding and interpreting the story. Using the hints of foreshadowing can make a reader look at the simplest things as symbols for the story. Friar Laurence mentions poison in act II; “Poison hath residence and medicine power:’ For this, being smelt, with that part cheers leach part;’ Being tasted, slays all sense with the earth” ( 2. . 24-27). The mention of poison may be an alarming symbol to a reader who knows of the future deaths of Romeo and Juliet. Polios is known as a way of murder and makes the reader wonder If this reference to poison is reference to their death. Foreshadowing Is very effective In the sense of making a reader Intrigued by a story and forcing them to analyze It deeper. In addition, foreshadowing Is helpful to a reader’s understanding of a tale and helps point out a Stores importance. Helps readers understand the plot.

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