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Mun Resolution

Mun Resolution

Emphasizing the need to Increase Investments countries’ rural areas to provide scent work for youth, to avoid low living standards and De-population of rural areas. These investments can be but not limited to; a) Rural farms that offer jobs like; I. Farm manager n. Sales coordinator Technology coordinator b) A production assembly for Farm equipment that offer jobs like; Manager n. Sales Coordinator Technology Coordinator I. General 3.

Recommends awareness raising to business men to encourage them to Incorporate youth in their businesses, some methods are but not limited to; a) Phone-ins to radio stations ) Protests with media coverage (perhaps using celebrities) c) Monopolizing of members of parliament to take up the cause d) Conducting media interviews 4. Suggests holding workshops in the countries in which are largely effected, between the country’s government, the youth organizations In the country and the Youth Employment Network (YEN) to provide ideas on the critical problems of the country concerning youth unemployment and solutions. 5.

Affirms the necessity for youth organizations in countries all over the world, to work with the media using a anger of communication techniques such as documentary films, presentation, brochures ad skits designed to motivate key stakeholders to change the perceptions and aspirations of youth regarding job choices. 6. Encourages business men to 1 OFF the youth to Jobs. 7. Supports countries with high youth unemployment rates to let in investments from other countries to support the investments already in the 8. Promotes the idea of decreasing about 7% of money from the country military support to provide Jobs.

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