Organizational Behaviour Issues

Organizational Behaviour Issues

Different people works differently In different situations. Organizational behavior helps to understand and predict the behavior of people both: management and employees.. Thus Organizational Behavior is a very important aspect of every organizations. Because helps to understand the issues, improve the communication, effectiveness, productivity, motivation and quality of work There are many deferent issues in organizational behavior, however I am going to talk about three of them which had the most negative Impact on my attitude while working for the companies. Leadership * Motivation * Change of company structure * Leadership is defined as the display of relevant conduct through interpersonal relationships and personal actions of such conduct to the employees through the alp of communication and decision making. Leader behavior can have a positive effect on both the organization effectiveness, and Individual performance and effectiveness.. Ethical leadership definition sits on the behavior of leader’s without due regard to attributes and personal traits in connection with actual behavior.

During my three year work in one of the manufacturing companies I have faced numbers of occasions where the leaders could not utilize a great leadership skills. Thus, the Jobs started to be repetitive and I was frustrated many times due to lack of regression at work. Although the company had a strong culture and was focused on were not performing well and very often they tend have their own “favorite” workers who was promoted more often than the others. * Motivation is intangible and mental attitude which makes us do things. This is a result of our individual needs being satisfied so we have inspiration to complete the task.

These needs vary from person to person as everybody has their individual needs to motivate themselves. Depending on how motivated we are, it may further determine the effort we put into our work and therefore increase the standard of the output and quality and also the way we do it. Motivation can have an effect on the output on the business and concerns both quantity and quality. For example: business relies heavily on the efficiency of production staff to make sure that products are manufactured in numbers that meet demand for the week.

If these employees lack the motivation to produce completed products to meet the demand, then the business face a problem leading to unpredicted consequences. The number of scenarios is extreme. Employees are greatest asset and no matter how efficient technology and equipment ay be, it is no match for the effectiveness and efficiency of the staff. Motivational Theory: Herrings Two Factor Theory Motivation has been studied for many years stretching beyond the 19th century. As a result, a number of theorists have compiled their own conclusions and consequently a wide variety of motivational theory has been produced.

Using Frederick Herrings (1966) research to outline the main issues concerning motivation. In 1966, Herbert interviewed a number of people in different professions at different level. The main conclusion is that employees needs to feel as a part of the business, needs to be plopped and be paid as much as they input into the business. As an example of lack of motivation is worth mentioning the repetitive work in one of the companies I talked earlier. I am an ambitious person who wanted to progress after three year service, however there was no opportunity to do this.

When I started doing my qualifications ( level 3 qualifications) the company did not even try to help me with my studies by putting me on the one shift at work, I was forced to work on three shifts. As soon as I realized that the company is trying to keep the employees n their positions as long as it is possible, then I decided to leave the company. An organizational structure defines the scope of acceptable behavior within an organization, its lines of authority and accountability, and to some extent the organization’s relationship with its external environmental aspects.

More specifically, it shows the pattern or arrangement of Jobs and groups of Jobs within an organization and yet it is more than an organizational chart. The organizational structure pertains to both reporting and operational relationships, provided they have some degree of performance. Ideally, organizational structures should be shaped and implemented for the primary purpose of facilitating the achievement of organizational goals in an efficient manner.

Certainly, having a suitable organizational structure in place, one that recognizes and addresses the various human and business facts of the company in questions, it is a prerequisite for long term success. Often organizational structures do not contribute positively to a somewhat organically and was not redesigned as the company grew so as to more efficiently guide the behavior of individuals and groups so that they would be genially productive, efficient, flexible, and motivated.

Small business owners seeking to establish a beneficial organizational structure need to recognize that the process may be complex since this task is often left until a start-up organization has already been established. By then, De facto structure exists and changing it will need to be done carefully so as not to alienating or frustrating key players. As an ineffective change of structure of the business I have experienced in one of the most recent companies I have worked for. The company was acquired by the another equines and as an effect of the company was taken over the business had a great plan to hit high targets.

The management decided to recruit an additional employees to the business and as a result I got the Job there as a Financial Controller Assistant. We endeavourer to do detailed Job costing and budgeting, however the accountancy system was too old to allow us to do it. In the result of that the new owner decided to cut the workforce and sell some machines which was not making budgeted outcome. A few months later the accountancy department was relocated to he head office and my position was redundant as an effect.

It is also worth mentioning that the new owner have had overestimated the business productivity and its assets. What are the recommendations for these three issues in Organizational Behavior? Leadership -Follow procedures and adhere to policies. Effective leaders should follow company policies and listen to the employees -Submit to the authority of others. -Take risks Effective leaders are taking the risks of empowerment to appreciate the employees. – Commitment Effective leaders are committed to the Job and its employees

Motivation -Set a good example It meaner give a great example of motivated leader or manager so others can follow – Make sure employees can feel as a part of the business By doing this employees will be more committed and will do more for the company – Encourage employees to anonymous complaints By doing this the business can take consequences of bad examples and can reduce the risk in the future Change of structure -Assess whether it is worth changing current structure Sometimes it is worth to improve current situation rather than completely change of structure -Take opinions

Sometimes employees are working for many years in the company and are reluctant to the changes -Monitor After the change is implemented it is important to review and monitor the changes and see what are the differences In conclusion there is a lot of aspects in implemented without reviewing it or taking consequences from the previous studies or experience. These three issues had positive and negative impact in my life. I have experienced a lot of stress and I have changed my attitudes at work. However, I was determinate and I have end up doing the Job I always wanted to do.

This was cause I was not afraid of taking the risks and motivate myself to do more in my life.

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