Persuasive Paragraph

Persuasive Paragraph

Persuasion is a component of a worldview that gives a person confidence in his views and assessments of reality. It shapes human behavior and influences his activities. When a person consciously accepts some ideas or facts, this is a persuasion. It can arise as a result of one’s own thought activity or as a result of communicating with persuaders. The method of persuasion is important in the process of education and other spheres of activity, for example, the religious sphere. As a rule, a persuasion is what a person believes to be true, although beliefs can also be false. In order to express their opinion on a specific issue, students receive an assignment of writing a persuasive paragraph.

What Is a Persuasive Paragraph?

It is possible to develop the following persuasive paragraph definition. A persuasive essay is a kind of academic work in which the student expresses his opinion on a particular issue, gives sufficient and appropriate arguments and uses rhetoric techniques to convince the reader of his own right.

Persuasive Paragraph Examples

Here is one of the persuasive paragraph examples in order to make you understand what you can talk about in your essay.

The wealth of the inner world is more important than the financial one.

We can not judge the wealth of a person by the thickness of his wallet. Only the presence of high moral qualities allows us to consider a person truly rich.

Morality is the degree to which the person acquires moral values and follows them in everyday life. A person can not do bad deeds because he is afraid of punishment or values the opinion of other people. But the highest degree of development of spirituality is the support of certain principles in one’s behavior. If the desire for profit and pleasure turns into irrepressible passion, the whole life of man is subjected to greed. Insatiable greed and money-grubbing supplant from the soul of a person all moral qualities. Such a person finds an excuse for all bad deeds or even crimes if they increase his treasures.

Money and wealth are not important in themselves. Only kindness, mercy, everything that a man appreciates makes him truly rich.

How to Write a Persuasive Paragraph?

There are different variations of the composition of the essay. However, it is best to build the work according to the following persuasive paragraph outline.

  • Introduction.
  • Formulation of the problem.
  • Your opinion
  • The first argument.
  • The second argument.
  • Conclusion.

All parts of the work must be interconnected, smoothly flow one into the other. To do this, it is necessary to determine the course of the development of thought, to think through logical transitions between the parts. Each part should begin with a new line. The absence of bundles between paragraphs is a typical defect of works. In addition, typical errors include deviations from the topic, the disproportion of parts, a violation of the sequence of presentation of thoughts, the lack of a link between sentences.

However, the core of your work is your argumentation. Argumentation is the bringing of evidence, explanations, and examples to justify a thought to listeners (readers) or an interlocutor. Arguments are the proofs given in support of the thesis: facts, examples, statements, and explanations – in short, everything that the thesis can confirm.

Even if you have enough weighty arguments in support of your position, outlining them intricately or illiterately, you can achieve the opposite effect then you want. Moreover, you need to understand how to argue your position most effectively, when you do not have many arguments, or they, in your opinion, are not strong enough.

The principle of visibility in the presentation of arguments is very effective. The visibility of the image helps to activate the imagination of the interlocutor (reader). To this end, it is useful to use vivid comparisons, metaphors, aphorisms that help to reveal the meaning of words and reinforce their persuasive impact. The discovery of truth is promoted by various analogies, parallels, associations when they are relevant and take into account the experience of the addressee. Successfully selected examples and facts of life itself will strengthen the arguments. They should be clear and convincing.

Persuasive Paragraph Topics

There are some recommendations in order to choose the best topic for your composition.

  • An interesting topic should contain a rhetorical question. Such headlines are widespread in journalism, and their application is characteristic of scientific works of the humanitarian direction, where the question is initially posed, and in the course of the work the analysis and preparation of conclusions are being conducted.
  • The theme should be original. The most eye-catching topics contain an element of surprise, public importance, intriguing language and controversial points. The original themes are the most interesting.
  • The choice of the topic of work can be conditioned by thematic, situational and/or temporal factors. It is necessary to have a general idea of the relevance of the subject matter and its relevance in the scientific community.
  • The topic should be interesting to the author himself.
Persuasive Essay Outline

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