Spiritual Mentoring Report

Spiritual Mentoring Report

Throughout life we all make perceptions and have outlooks on how things should be. The issue is that we make these without understanding and completely seeing the overall details about the subject. After reading the book “Authentic Spiritual Mentoring,” by Larry Kiered I have come to the conclusion that the subject of mentoring has the tendency to fall into that category. Discipleship programs are present In the church, but unfortunately I do not think that many churches look at spiritual mentoring quite In the same way as proposed in the book.

I feel that the church now more than ever has a crucial need for spiritually mature men and women to mentor younger believers. In order for these younger Christians to be prepared and equipped to be faithful followers of Christ we must take this issue with the most of importance. An investment must be made in the spiritual growth of others and I feel that with each passing day, we are missing opportunities to make a difference. Using a biblical model, Larry Krieger shows key factors that assist in developing a healthy and thriving mentoring relationship.

Many times we feel as If a ailing to be a mentor only falls upon those that are, in our opinion, “highly qualified. ” We tend to dismiss our own abilities and forget that every Christian, if answered honestly, is in need of a spiritual mentor. Someone that will help them in their daily walk, give them further confidence and fill a void that they have in their spiritual lives. In most situations we think off positive role model as being someone that only children need, but by looking at It In this light we are dismissing the true meaning behind the term.

Every person In the world, no matter their current spiritual indention, is in need of a positive role model in their life. Without a mentor in one’s life a person is left with an empty space with no one that they can look to. When times are not easy a mentor has the opportunity to ensure them that it is possible to life a positive Christian life. Using Paul as an example, it is pointed out that although the church at Corinth had many teachers, It was In desperate need of spiritual mentors.

Just as with the study of any subject, when a person has been taught on a topic they are still in need of having someone to help them use the Information they earned on a daily basis. The same principle applies to the church and it’s believers as well, in that in order for them to grow spiritually they must have vital relationships with others. Everyone has been called to be a spiritual mentor and God’s intention is to produce spiritual parent’s for this nurturing position. The cycle of spiritual parenting Is Imperative to the church and Christians In general.

For the Christian church to grow In order to meet the needs of Its people and follow what God has planned for them, we must make the investment into these spiritual relationships. The term, “legacy” is used sometimes to describe a prideful situation, but as a Christian we know that pride can be laid aside to allow for its full meaning to arise. Most of all we must make sure that we are leaving a spiritual legacy for others that God would be proud of. One never knows what life Is being touched and affected with our dally actions.

Whether we are In a mentoring relationship or simply walking never knows the full impact we can have upon someone else. A simple Gospel tract can lead to many people being saved. In fact, it can even lead to someone other than he original recipient of the tract being saved because they came in contact with it along the way. The process in which the Lord can work is simply amazing and we must always be cognizant of this fact. New believers can be brought to the knowledge of Christ and multiply into thousands by bringing the Gospel to Just one person.

The harvest in plentiful and as Christians we must remain aware of this fact and lead as many to Christ as possible. Using the family structure as an example we must mentor others in a fashion that involves family type relationships as a way of life. From the beginning God created and blessed the family as a unit. If we take this model and use it in our mentoring of others, we can build relationships with them that are based upon the love of God. Spiritual parenting has the potential to be different because it is not based on age.

Instead spiritual parenting pertains more to the Christian experience of a person based on a relationship with someone else of a mature faith. Spiritual parenting is open to both women and men with each having its own foundation that is similar to the responsibilities of a natural parent. Men are blew to be a father figure in the life of their spiritual child which holds a foundation in natural parenting. There are similarities between a spiritual and natural parent that must be understood in order to have a full understanding of the spiritual relationship.

The father demonstrates an affirming love to their children and provides the security they need for their overall well-being. The responsibility of the father in guidance and training of their children is very important in preparing them for a future of success. A father imparts and blesses their children while providing or their needs in order to raise them to be mature, healthy adults. Just as with a natural father, a spiritual father reproduces with the overall goal of growing up others in faith and releasing them to be their own spiritual parent.

Now more that ever we must begin rebuilding the trust in fathers if we are to adhere to the will of the Lord and restore the relationships in order to build a spiritual legacy. Both women and men were created unique with respect to one another by God. They each have their own purpose to grow and raise healthy children in His way in order to fulfill the mandates given to us by God. A mother provides their children with nurturing and maternal characteristics that cannot be replaced. God created mothers with a certain love that is not only unique, but one that is filled with tenderness and compassion.

God’s Word gives to women a clear mandate and model for healthy spiritual mothering relationship. God used Paul to explain to Titus how to set up a spiritual parenting relationship by telling older women to put their energies into training and teaching younger women. Paul knew that if older women would teach and mentor the younger women that the church itself would benefit by raising line of people with Godly lifestyles. Just as with anything, there are challenges to both spiritual mothering and fathering. Both relationships are purposed in order to glorify God and to raise spiritually healthy children.

While there do reside similarities there are differences between the spiritual mentoring from a father or mother as well. Women tend to gravitate more to the openness of a mentoring relationship and can be more vulnerable allowing for greater ease in the overall relationship, while a weakness and try to protect themselves by placing a guard into the relationship which in turn makes it more difficult to draw close in the mentoring relationship. Even though men may tend to have a harder time growing closer in a mentoring relationship this does not mean that either was created better or with more abilities.

This simply meaner that each has their own uniqueness created by God that benefits each relationship in which they grow into. Parent’s provide their children with a sense of belongingness that grows and motivates each person. The importance that parent’s have in the relationship is not only high, but paramount in raising Godly hillier that will continue the cycle of spiritual mentoring. Parent’s have a great opportunity to love and encourage their children as they move throughout life. Just as with these characteristics of a natural parent, a spiritual parent has these same responsibilities and opportunities.

With a mature spiritual parent at their side, children are able to have an example in order to grow stronger and progress into a healthy Christian life. The loving significance that a parent can place upon their children provides each child with the confidence that they need in order to move wrought life’s trials. When a child sees a trial rise in the life of a spiritual parent they will look with anticipation to see how it is handled. This can be a very pivotal point in the life of the child because it allows them to observe the parent going to the Lord, giving them the confidence to go to Him as well when they meet a trial in their own life.

Our children look to us as examples and as parent’s we have the crucial responsibility to lead them into a closer relationship with the Lord. The spiritual father or mother helps a spiritual son or daughter reach their God-given potential. Spiritual parent’s have the great responsibility to encourage the continuation of this cycle throughout future generations. In order to keep this generational cycle going spiritual children must learn how to also become mentors as well. Just as with life itself there are growth periods to each living creature.

In the believer there are three stages of growth to include spiritual children, spiritual young men and women, and spiritual fathers and mothers. As it is with the start of any life, we must all begin as children and as we are nourished commence with our growing. At the spiritual child tag there is a sense of immaturity Just as there is with a natural child. As they grow and are taught with the Word of God they begin to develop into the spiritual young men and women stage. This stage can be filled with youthful enthusiasm and develop a fearlessness bringing a zeal to the Body of Christ.

This stage is very important for mentors because this is the period of time where many ministries are developed. Spiritual parent’s then have the responsibility to encourage these young men and women to develop the ministries while they are still young and full of zeal. As they develop further they become spiritual fathers and mothers exuding a maturity, understanding and experience that are then able to help others in mentoring. At this stage spiritual parent’s are mature believers who have matured in their Christian walk, ready to invest in the growth of others.

One of the most encouraging facts is that everyone has the potential to grow and reach spiritual parenthood. No matter as to what stage you are currently in, God calls all to become a spiritual parent. In each of our lives we have the potential to become a mentor and spiritual parent. The author describes three vital spiritual relationships that every relationship, and the Timothy relationship. The Barabbas relationships are the connections we have with our peers because he was the kind of person who saw beyond people’s pasts and weaknesses, believing in their potential.

Next, the Paul relationships which are the connections spiritual sons and daughters have with their spiritual mentors. Lastly are the Timothy relationships which are the connections spiritual parent’s have with their spiritual sons and daughters whom they mentor. As people grow on their path they mature and excel in their fellowship. This allows them to notice and be knowledgeable of the growth that has taken place in their life while keeping them on track in their relationship. What is wonderful about our relationship with the Lord is that God can take a common, ordinary person who loves Jesus and transform them by His presence.

As Christians we are blessed with the most incredible security that anyone could ever have. We have a security in our Father’s love because only God can meet our needs in this area. Spiritual parent’s must be secure in our Father’s love in order to pass on an open and loving spiritual inheritance to the next generation. We must be grounded in the love that God has for us so that we can have the relationship with our spiritual children that will allow them to gain the wisdom and grace that their mentors have. It is a continuous circle that reproduces spiritual children into spiritual mentors themselves.

Just as Jesus showed us what a true servant attitude was, we must also show others this behavioral and heartfelt service. Jesus allowed all to see the importance and the love that expects nothing in return. Our security is not based on whether we are being affirmed by others, but by our relationship, faith and saving grace of God. We have the greatest healer of all time in Jesus and God can restore us in healthy mentoring relationships. Whether the past pain has come from abuse of authority or abandonment our Heavenly Father can see us through.

Restoration through healthy mentoring relationships is not only attainable, but fully within our reach and our faith must be steadfast upon Him. We must believe that the past can be redeemed and build our trust in the Word of God. Rather than believing the lies that are being told by our enemy we must turn our belief to God and the truth that He can solve any robber, either past or present. Our vindication is through God and restoration is only a faith step away. Restoration is a step process that allows us to grow into a healthy relationship.

We must unlock the door through faith and place our trust in Jesus in order to restore our lives. Then we must stake our claim in the restored life that God has waiting for us. Next we must use the power of prayer from a trusted friend of ours because true Godly counsel is one of the most valuable assets in life. In our hurried lives we like everything to be immediate, but we must learn to wait patiently on the Lord. Lastly, God is calling us to be healthy and to keep growing in our walk. Sometimes in life we feel that we could only have one spiritual father or mother, but nothing is farther from the truth.

God is in control of this decision and He may decide to provide a person with multiple mentors that can meet various areas of need in their life. There are many types of mentors in the world and not everyone has the same area of expertise. Also, there is the multiplication factor that benefits from having multiple mentors as well. For each mentor the total number of mentors that can come from them multiplies. This provides the potential to extend next generation to wrap in behind them to take their place.

Following the model that Jesus made for us allows for mentors to initiate, build and release their spiritual children in the same fashion. God created us to not only need others, but to be needed by them as well. In this we must take the initiative and get to know our spiritual children while spending the needed time with them. After a solid foundation had been laid the spiritual parent’s must build their children up in order to equip them to increase their effectiveness in the Kingdom. The goal is to bring them to the point where God would have them be released into the next stage which would be parenting their own spiritual children.

The entire process is one of building a relationship and increasing the knowledge in order to impart them with the wisdom that they will need throughout their stages. Just as with the growth of anything, there must be a nurturing that takes place in order to build trust within them. Our availability must be open to our spiritual children with the knowledge that one day they too will impart on their own mentoring relationship. A spiritual mentor just develop the types of mentoring relationship that their proto©g© needs.

There are different kinds of mentoring relationships a mentor can have with their proto©g© to include, mentoring as disciples, coaches, teachers, group mentors, reverse mentors and counselors. Even though each one of these styles has their own unique methods there are spiritual mentoring fundamentals that exist. Prayer is the key to our communication with God and must be intertwined within everything that we do. Just as with any conversation, the opposite of talking is hearing and it is very important to a healthy relationship. We must teach our proto©g©s the importance of hearing from God and waiting upon His voice.

In order to check on each other in a loving way, a mentor must have the support found in being accountable to another. Following again the footsteps of Jesus, a mentor must lead through having a servant’s heart and remaining vulnerable to each other in order to grow. Asking vital questions can also help to grow the relationship to new spiritual heights and build solid, healthy relationships. When growing up a spiritual child, parent’s must always remember that they are one of the most primary models in their child’s life. Whether it is in the decision making process or leading by example, they must help their proto©g© make positive decisions.

In making quality decisions, a mentor must be wise and use the combined strengths found in 3 principles. In order for a mentor to grow a healthy relationship they must know and teach the following; 1) God speaks through a leader 2) God speaks through the team 3) God speaks through His people. Rather than following Just one or two a leader must place the importance on all three of these principles. There must be a balance given to all three of the principles in order to row a healthy relationship that will be a positive model for future generations.

As the mentor learns these principles the children are then able to see them carried out and pass them on as they grow. Just as with any relationship, a spiritual one is no different in that problems can arise. From the beginning of a relationship everyone must discuss the expectations and the general purpose if it is to be successful. They need to know how to deal with relational problems accordingly and prior to an issue arising. This allows each party to work through problems in a healthy manner. Some issues that arise can be solved by staying realistic about the needs that are being needed.

The goal of the relationship is not to inhibit the growth of anyone, but to grow them up in Christ. Sometimes the relationship must end and this must be done in a loving manner that reflects a Godly heart. As a mentor moves into a relationship they must make sure that they are ministering in their field and in a manner that is pleasing unto the Lord. Maintaining boundaries and always remembering God’s grace must always be on the priority list of the mentor. A mentor must remember hat they have taken on the responsibility for their spiritual children and must work faithfully in service.

As the relationship grows there will be a point in time that the children are ready to move into the next level of their walk. A mentor must be able to recognize when the time is right to send them out and release them in order to have their own spiritual children. It must always be remembered that this is a generational process that’s goal is to train people up in the way of the Lord and send them out so that they can teach others. Many times, as parent’s we tend to hold on to Eng or become afraid of what is lurking in wait when our children leave.

We must trust in the Lord that His will is what we want for their lives and allow Him to grow them even more according to His will. In the same respect, we can also hold back from our call into spiritual parenthood and not listen to the calling of the Lord. It is very easy to start coming up with excuses that prohibit us from being able to adhere to the call that include ignorance, apathy, impatience, insecurity and fear. The Devil whispers in our ear that we are not able or ready because he does not want us out in the ministry helping to grow others up in God.

We must embrace our calling, while not letting doubts and fears cloud our minds or inhibit our walk. We have all been called by God and He has a divine plan for our life. If we are to grow in the Lord and invest in our spiritual inheritance we must lay down the shackles that are keeping us from moving forward and Just follow Him. Throughout the book the topic of spiritual mentors is researched and shown to be something that we as Christians should place as a priority in our lives. The use of the cell group multiplication method in the process of growing churches and people in the faith uses this same spiritual entering as its foundation.

A five step process that adheres to the spiritual mentoring format includes the grassroots mentors, local church mentors, apostolic mentors, regional mentors and five-fold mentors. Using this five step mentoring method the DOVE Christian Fellowship International has grown to serve the Lord throughout the world. No matter if we are in a leadership role or not we have all been called into a role of spiritual mentors and it is our responsibility to obey this calling.

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